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If your are ever in Monteverde

If your are ever in Monteverde on a Saturday morning, you should stop by the Friends School to play with us. At each point along the canopy tour there is something to be explored, overturned, photographed… If its raining, though, youre out of luck. When a cloud wisps by and the view opens up , there are fantastic views looking down over the forest, down into the lowlands and to the Pacific Ocean beyond.

Its a great way to meet the community here. Dark and light, merge into an atmosphere similar to an underwater reefscape.There is something so primitive in the experience of being up in a tree, higher than you would typically climb if you were just out climbing trees in the park. They’re due to arrive on the morning bus, so they’ll miss the game, but I have an exciting plan for them when they arrive.I have some friends from California here visiting. The farmers market is already in full swing. Later, at 10am, there is a yoga class Ill probably go to, and at 11:30 some friends are getting together to play Ultimate Frisbee. Ziplining across is not unlike scubadiving in that sense, only much faster.The forest here is magic.Then, you connect to another cable with your pulley and harness, and zip across to another tree platform, and youre standing in a Swiss Family Robinson/Tarzan setting, moss covered branches all around, the sound of a small creek running below, and small birds darting in and out of view From miles away you can hear the daunting call of the howler monkey. I used to be a freelance guide for a couple of the local zipline companies, and I can think of no better way to show my friends the cloud forest.. Here in the canopy there are worlds to be discovered. I know of some hikes through here, ones that only the locals know about.

I would normally be one of the first ones there to get first pick of all the organic produce available.Its 8:20 am on a Saturday in Monteverde. Seeing the forest from above, and having the freedom to soar over and through the canopy, was an experience that changed my life forever. Its the only real exercise I get all week. Some of these provide shelter and protection for growing tadpoles. Kids and adults from all over the mountain come together and get to run around and play. and is what has led me to live here.Then, I am taking them on a zipline tour. I decided to stay in this morning and drink coffee and make a little journal entry. After dropping their luggage off at sunrisetech-china my place, I’ll take them for a hike into the cloud forest. Hercules beetles, walking sticks, cyanide caterpillars. Yoga doesnt really count. To be at the top of a tall cedar tree that itself is located at the top of one of the tallest mountains in Central America, 5000 feet is simply unforgettable. Army ants marching past the hive of stingless wasps, a toucan raiding the nest of a blue warbler. At another platform you can see that each branch up here has a plethora of life surging on its surface. Small orchids, practically microscopic, cover large swaths of branches, and hanging moss provide a moist substrate for an array of multicolored bromeliads, each one a natural pitcher to capture the moisture in the air. The kids run wild there and my boy loves it.

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